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Notes on a Minimalist Framework

Last Updated: 10/12/14

The Photo's below depict various periods, places and faces of our life and work.

More recent photo of daughter's Master's Graduation

In Southern California, just before China, 1998

Our Luffa Super-Garden, 2000

Part of our Chinese Student's Library Staff, 1999

Main Library Leaders, 1999

Fort Robidoux, Roubideaux Pass, Scott's Bluff, Nebraska, 1997

Painted Teepee & Sign, Fort Roubidoux, Rock Springs, Wyoming, 1997

Informational Exhibits & Art Gallery, Santa Fe Trail, Wyoming

Our Kinder-Garden, 1996

Hugh et. al. during fieldwork on Penang Island, Malaysia, 1994

Fishermen of the Jetty, 1994

Celebration of the Gods, Penang Island, 1994

Table and Chairs, 1989

An example of my handiwork, 1987

Our first time in Malaysia, 1987

My wood shop, circa 1885

Wooden Statue, 1984

A Small Oil Painting on Canvas, circa 1984

Wood Construction, circa 1981

Oil Painting, circa 1981

Officers and Non-coms of our Tank Platoon, 1978