Natural Systems


Introduction: Natural Systems Theory & The Philosophy of Science

Part I--Physical Systems

I. Principles of Universal Relativity

II. The Space-Time Construct & The Dynamic-State Universe

III. Space-Time Dynamics & Spime Mechanics

IV. Gravitational Dynamics & The Mechanics of Gravity-Based Systems

V. The Systematic Structure of Spime

Part II--Biological Systems

VI. Stable & Dynamic Biological Systems

VII. Individual Measures & Population Parameters

VIII. The Mechanics & Dynamics of Speciation

IX. The Evolutionary Dynamics of Ecosystems

X. The Circle of Life

XI. Playing the Game of Life

Part III-- Human Systems

XII. Gene-Culture Co-evolution

XIII. Anthropogenesis & The Anthropological Construction of Reality

XIV. Symbolic Integration

XV. Symbolic Linguistics

XVI. Symbolic World Orders

Conclusions: Alternative Systems Theory





Introduction to Metasystems

Physical Systems

Biological Systems

Human Systems

Applied Systems

Alternative Systems



Living Systems

Preface: Earthbound Dilemmas

Foreword: Biological Paradigms & Beyond

Introduction: The Evolution of Ecology

Chapter One: The Cell as a System

Chapter Two: The Organism as a System

Chapter Three: The Species as a Social System

Chapter Four: The Community as a Local Ecosystem

Chapter Five: The Biome as a Regional Metasystem

Chapter Six: The Biosphere as a Global Metasystem

Conclusions: The Ecology of Evolution








Physical Systems

Biological Systems

Human Systems

Alternative Systems

Conclusion: Metascience


Advanced Systems




Part I--General Meta-systems

Chapter I Meta-systems

Chapter II Metaphysical Systems

Part II--Abstract (General) Systems

Chapter III Meta-scientific Systems

Chapter IV A Primer in Natural Systems

Chapter V Natural Orders

Chapter VI Natural Philosophy

Part IV--Physical Systems

Chapter VII Introduction to Physical Systems Theory

Chapter VIII Physical Systems Theory

Chapter IX Physical Systems

Chapter X Hypothetical Universes

Part V--Biological  Systems

Chapter XI Biological Systems

Part VI--Human Systems

Chapter XII Anthropological Systems

Chapter XIII Anthropological Systems II

Part VII--Alternative Systems

Chapter XIV Alternative Systems

Chapter XV Bluebook for Alternative Development

Part VIII--Applied Systems

Chapter XVI Applied Systems

Part IX--Automated Systems

Chapter XVII Automated Systems

Part X--Hybrid Systems

Chapter XVIII A Reintroduction to Meta-systems

Part XI--Operational Systems

Chapter XIX Operational Systems

Chapter XX Correspondence Theory

Chapter XXI Structural Stochastics

Chapter XXII Symbolic Mathematics

Chapter XXIII Systems Theory


Natural Systems Theory


Introduction to Natural Systems Theory

Part I: General Systems Philosophy

Chapter One: Universal Systems: Toward a General Science Paradigm

Chapter Two: Scientific Metasystems and Metasystems Science

Chapter Three: Abstract-Mathematical Systems

Chapter Four: Systems Methodology & Modeling

Part II: Physical Systems Theory

Chapter Five: Space-Time as a System

Chapter Six: Fundamental and Infinitesimal Systems

Chapter Seven: Atomic Systems of Matter

Chapter Eight: Gravitational Systems

Chapter Nine: Cosmological Systems

Chapter Ten: Alternative Physical Systems & Metasystems

Part III: Biological Systems Theory

Chapter Eleven: Protobiotic System

Chapter Twelve: Genetic Information Reproduction Systems

Chapter Thirteen: The Cell as a System

Chapter Fourteen: Multi-cellular Organismic Population  Systems

Chapter Fifteen: Community Ecology Systems

Chapter Sixteen: Evolutionary Taxon Systems

Chapter Seventeen: Biospheric Systems and Metasystems

Chapter Eighteen: Extraterrestrial Biotic Systems

Part IV: Anthropological Systems Theory

Chapter Nineteen: Systems of Human Evolution

Chapter Twenty: Cultural Systems of Human Ecology

Chapter Twenty-One: Cultural Systems

Chapter Twenty-Two: Human Social Systems

Chapter Twenty-Three: Human Language Systems

Chapter Twenty-Four: Human Symbolic Systems

Chapter Twenty-Five: Human Knowledge Systems

Chapter Twenty-Six: Alternative Metacultural Systems

Part V. Alternative Systems Theory

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Automata and Artificial Intelligence Systems

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Systems of Non-Human Intelligence

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Alternative MetaSystems

Conclusions: Toward a General Science of Systems


General Systems




Chapter One: Introduction to General Systems

Chapter Two: Advanced Systems in Anthropological Perspective

Chapter Three: Metascience: An Introduction to an Introduction & a Metalog

Chapter Four: Advanced Systems Theory in Context

Chapter Five: Metasystems: Models & Paradigms in Advanced Systems Science

Chapter Six: Advanced Systems Science

Chapter Seven: Metasystems & Metascience

Chapter Eight: Metasystems & Metaphysical Systematics

Chapter Nine: Abstract & Natural Orders: The Systematics of Identity, Property, Relation and Inferential Structures

Chapter Ten: Natural Philosophy & General Systems

Chapter Eleven: General Theory of Natural Systems

Chapter Twelve: Metaphysical Systems

Chapter Thirteen: Metasystems

Chapter Fourteen: Primer in Natural Systems

Chapter Fifteen: Abstract Systems


Universal Systems




Chapter One: The General Systems Context

Chapter Two: Background Framework of Universal Systems

Chapter Three: Universal Systems Philosophy

Chapter Four: Abstract Systems

Chapter Five: General Systems Science

Chapter Six: Alternative Systems


Physical Systems




Chapter One: Physical Systems Principles

Chapter Two: Alternative Universes

Chapter Three: The Systematic Structure of Space-Time

Chapter Four: The Space-Time Construct

Chapter Five: Gravitational Dynamics

Chapter Six: Universal Energy Fields

Conclusion: Universal Relativity


Cosmology & Reality

Preface: Scientific Cosmology & Naturalistic Worldview


I. Introduction: A Revised Model of the Dynamic-State Universe


II. The Cosmological Principle


III. Zero & Non-Zero State Models


IV. The Physical Structure of Reality


V. Observable & Inferable Universes


VI. Universal Simultaneity & Spime-Continuity


VII. Gravitational Unification & Spin Synchronization


VIII. Cosmological Evolution


IX. Conclusions: The Dynamic State Universe & the Implied Unified Field



Astronomical Systems




Chapter One: Cosmological Systems

Chapter Two: Fundamental Systems

Chapter Three: Speculations upon Space

Chapter Four: Speculations upon Gravity

Chapter Five: Speculations upon Space-Time

Chapter Six: The Structural Dynamics of Solar Systems

Chapter Seven: Galaxies as Dynamic Systems

Chapter Eight: The Trillion Year Universe

Chapter Nine: Protonic Systems

Conclusions: Quasars, Black Holes and Meta-state Models


General Field Theory




On Field Theory

General Field Theory

The Structure of Space-time

The Space-Time Construct

Speculations on Space-time

Universal Relativity


Digging the Past



Part I Windows Upon the History of Archaeology 

I The Geist of Vere Gordon Childe 

II The Culture History of Americanist Archaeology

III Anthropology as Archaeology

Part II: Conceptual Models in Archaeological Systems Theory 

IV Central Archaeological Concepts

V The Eco-Cultural Model as a Basic Archaeological System 

VI Eco-cultural Evolution & Dynamic Succession

VII Proto-Cultural Systems & Human Evolutionary Ecology

VIII Synthetic Archaeological Models of Cultural Systems

Part III: Miscellaneous Essays Upon Archaeologia 

IX An Archaeology of Archaeology

X Archaeology's Black Swan 

XI Materialism, Functionalism and Ecologism

XII Archaeological Fallacies

XIII Maritime Archaeology of the Aleutian Peoples

XIV Formal Designs and Functional 'Devices'

XV Human Ecology in Native Alaska

XVI The Concept of Ethnoculture

XVII ".Theory and Praxis of Anthropological Hetero-/Orthodoxies"

Conclusions: "Of Cannibalism and Protein-Calorie Malnutrition" 



Human Systems




Chapter One: Anthropological Systems

Chapter Two: Cultural Systems

Chapter Three: Human Metasystems Theory

Chapter Four: Human Systems Theory

Chapter Five: The Anthropological Construction of Human Systems

Chapter Six: Human Knowledge Systems

Chapter Seven: The Philosophical Foundations of Metacultural Systems

Chapter Eight: Symbolic Systems

Chapter Nine: Human Social Systems

Chapter Ten: Alternative Human Systems Design

Chapter Eleven: Intelligent Artificial Systems

Chapter Twelve: Human Behavior Systems



Global Systems




Bluebook for Alternative Development

Main Objectives

Goal Structures

Research Design

Strategic Constructs

Computer Integration


Advanced Systems

Experimental Design



Systems Essays, vol. I


1. General Overview of Systems Framework

2. General Systems Theory

3. General Systems Theory in Interdisciplinary Perspective

4. Science and Systems Theory

5. Systems Theory & Method

6. Dynamic Open Systems

7. Design Principles of General Systems

8. Design Principles of General Systems II

9. Design Principles of General Systems III

10. Real Systems as Working Systems

11. Systems Models

12. Systems Paradigm

13. Why Systems

14. The Organization of Reality

15. Terms & Measures of Relationship

16. Critique of Systems

17. Anthropological Relativity of Systems

18. Parallax

19. Systems Theory & Method

20. Causality & Complementariness

21. Complex Systems

22. Simplification & Complication

23. Meta-systems Convergence

24. Alternative Systems

25. Applied Systems

26. Applied Systems Development

27. Applied Meta-systems

28. Mathematical Systems

29. Design Modularization

30. Distributed Integration

31. Solar Hydrogen Systems

32. Gravitational Systems

33. Meta-Biotronic Systems

34. Bio-holothetics

35. Human Systems

36. Modeling & Symbolic Representation

37. Symbolic Framing Systems

38. Symbolic Systems

39. Symbolic Transformation

40. Cultural Systems

41. Human Eco-Habitation Systems

42. The Rise of Human E-Culture

43. Human K-Civilization

44. Human K-Civilization & E-Culture

45. Cultivating Human Meta-culture

46. Human Habitus

47. The Challenges of Human Systems Development

48. Parallel Worlds

49. Anthropological Authoritarianism

50. Anti-structural Systems

51. Human Empowerment

52. Cooperative Frameworks

53. Steam-lining Skylines

54. Accelerating Futures

55. Internet Empowerment

56. Automation

57. Alternative Intelligence

58. Alternative Intelligence II

59. Alternative Intelligence Systems

60. Knowledge Systems

61. Knowledge & Information Differentials

62. Differences Knowledge & Information

63. Yesterday's Hold on Humanity

64. Defining General Systems

65. The General Systems Principle

67. The Meta-systems Context

68. General Systems Dynamics

69. General Systems Design

70. General Systems Relativity

71. General Systems Worldview

72. General Systems Methodology

73. Symbolic Linguistics

74. Organization

75. Anti-Structure

76. Social Dynamics

77. A Systems-Based Way of Life

78. Applied Systems Convergence & Global Equi-finality


Systems Essays Vol. II

Systems Philosophy

Systems Relativity

Universal Features of Real Systems

General Systems Integration

Developmental Differentiation & Equi-finality

Systems Cybernetics and the Challenges of Meta-systems Integration

Natural Order and the Dao of Chaos

"Intelligent Design" & Developmental Differentiation

Global Domestication, Cultural Selection and Unnatural Evolution

Human Biological Dominance, Global Circumscription and the Doctrine of Universal Natural Rights

Biological Determinism in the Social Sciences

Symbolic Cognition & Human Knowledge Systems

Of Symbols & Power

Human Power Motivation and the Symbolic Transformation of Human Nature

Profiling the Profilers

The Message Becomes the Medium


Systems Essays III

A General Systems Revolution

Information & Energy

General Convergence

The Idea of the Global Metasystem

Strategic Consolidation

Functional Differentiation & Systems Stratification


Cosmological Paradigms

The Protonic Universe

Universal Relativity

Universal Systems Theory & Philosophy

Quintessence & the Universal Dynamic Field


The Cell as a System

ProtoBiotic & Prebiotic Systems

Balancing Cultural & Natural Ecologies

Natural Self-Organization of Biotic Systems


The Functional Organization of the Human Brain

Global Culture and the Spirit of Co-opitalism

Global Human Ecosystems

Human Systems Proofing

Individualizing Human Meta-systems

Global Metaculture


Internet as a Scale-Free Network

Inter-Networking & Interfacing

The Media Construction of Everyday Life

Horizontal Transmission


Practical Systems Frameworks

Teleological Telescopy

Virtual Convergence of Alternative Human Systems

Virtual Worlds Made Real

Virtual Worlds

World Citizenship & Worldview

Blogging the Human Wave


Cybernetic Control

Formal vs. Functional Frameworks

Alternative Functional Systems

Applied Websystem Frameworks

The Global Interface


Lewis Works Systems

Lewis Works Systems Paradigm

Lewis Works Prospectus

Lewis Works Natural Rights Statement

Global Metasystems

Solar Metasystems


Alternative Anthropology