Star Night Chronicles

A History of Hominoid Space Civilization



Generation upon Generation

Venture carefully, resolutely, silently

Into the cold, starry night

Against a vast myriad of distant pinpoints of light

They vast leviathans

Grey hulled and dull

Cosmic arks wandering haplessly about the heavens

Reeling through the ethereal emptiness

It has been a very long and old tradition

This going forth into the darkness

Into the vastness

Without return

Their guide only old, feint star light

Vanishing into the vast hollow depths of space seas

Where there is no room for emotion

And only time for deep regret

And remorse

Far, far beyond all our possible horizons to hear or see

There is no vigil more lonely

When might we beckon

their descendantsí return

Perchance only we reckon

When the fires of the sun no longer burn




Hugh M. Lewis






Copyright © 2009 by Hugh M. Lewis

Permission is granted to make copies of this document only for fair use in education and research.