Part I: Clonation, Inc.

Chapter One: Space Clones for Colonial Solar Service

Chapter Two: The Imperial Solar Service

Chapter Three: The Great Clone Rebellion and the First Solar Empire

Chapter Four: The First Lunar Battle

Chapter Five: The First Alliance & the Great Armada of the Martian Invasion

Chapter Six: The Battle of the Great Martian Sea

Chapter Seven: Surprise Attack on the Martian Poles

Chapter Eight: The Great Battle of Valles Marineris

Chapter Nine: Battle for Olympus Mons

Chapter Ten: Battles of the Martian Equatorial Belt

Chapter Eleven: The Martian Battle of Tharsis Bulge

Chapter Twelve: The Great Asteroid Belt Plan and the Second Alliance

Chapter Thirteen: The Second Jovian Armada and the Battle of the Gallilean Moons

Chapter Fourteen: The Jovian Clone Assault on the Earth-Moon System

Chapter Fifteen: The Battle for the Mercurial Sun Belt

Chapter Sixteen: The Third Alliance, the Saturnian Voyage, and Beyond

Chapter Seventeen: The Second Rebellion and the Return to Earth

Chapter Eighteen: The Great Space Battles of the Trans-Uranian Sea

Chapter Nineteen: Rise and Fall of the Great Neptunian Empire

Chapter Twenty: The Great Kuiperian Battles

Chapter Twenty-One: Beyond the Oort Frontier

Part II: Beyond the Sun