rain is falling

falling, falling

spirits are crying

crying, crying

cats and dogs are calling

calling, calling

thunder is booming

booming, booming

lightening is striking

striking, striking

Gods are fighting

fighting, fighting

ancestors are mourning

mourning, mourning

people are dying

dying, dying

children are laughing

laughing, laughing

palms are growing

growing, growing

worms are crawling

crawling, crawling

clocks are turning

turning, turning

earth is rejoicing

rejoicing, rejoicing


by Hugh M. Lewis


Professional Pariah: Ethnography of the Anthropological Self


Hugh M. Lewis

Blanket Copyright, Hugh M. Lewis, 2005. Use of this text governed by fair use policy--permission to make copies of this text is granted for purposes of research and non-profit instruction only.

Last Updated: 03/17/05