Such a long and hard journey

Just so that I could be here now

To meet you face to face

So long to wait and so difficult to struggle

Without ever knowing the reason

But here we stand together

And without words we know our intertwined destiny

The ways of the world wind all about

Whichever direction we decide to take

Still leads us to our final destination

We do not need to speak to know the way before us

Though we soon part

The journey will have been worth the trouble

We may meet again next time around

and still require only the silence to know each other's souls


by Hugh M. Lewis


Professional Pariah: Ethnography of the Anthropological Self


Hugh M. Lewis

Blanket Copyright, Hugh M. Lewis, 2005. Use of this text governed by fair use policy--permission to make copies of this text is granted for purposes of research and non-profit instruction only.

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