Natural Systems Theory

Toward a Unified Paradigm of General Science



Knowledge for what?


Knowledge just for the sake of knowledge

And knowledge for everything else imaginable

Knowledge for the conservation of earth's resources

Knowledge for the preservation of earth's living systems

Knowledge for the improvement of the human condition on earth

Knowledge for the advancement of human civilization beyond earth

And, also, knowledge just for knowledge's sake

Because, as human beings, as civilized creatures

We can know, and we know there are still unknown things

Still out there to be yet known

Because it is just waiting there to become known

And the more we learn the more we know

And the more we know, the better we must become

We have no choice any longer

Without being able to use ignorance as our excuse and our crutch

Or blind prejudice as our weapon


Knowledge just because

The whole universe was quite dumb before we discovered it

And we were quite dumb before we discovered the universe

And now, the universe seems a little brighter than before

And so do we ourselves seem a little bigger, brighter and better for it.


For the ladies of my life who have taught me the most important system of all,

the true meaning of love--

my beautiful daughter, my loving, devoted wife and the grateful memory of my noble mother.



Hugh M. Lewis





Copyright 2009 by Hugh M. Lewis

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