Natural Systems Theory

Toward a Unified Paradigm of General Science




Introduction to Natural Systems Theory

Part I: General Systems Philosophy

Chapter One: Universal Systems: Toward a General Science Paradigm

Chapter Two: Scientific Metasystems and Metasystems Science

Chapter Three: Abstract-Mathematical Systems

Chapter Four: Systems Methodology & Modeling

Part II: Physical Systems Theory

Chapter Five: Space-Time as a System

Chapter Six: Fundamental and Infinitesimal Systems

Chapter Seven: Atomic Systems of Matter

Chapter Eight: Gravitational Systems

Chapter Nine: Cosmological Systems

Chapter Ten: Alternative Physical Systems & Metasystems

Part III: Biological Systems Theory

Chapter Eleven: Protobiotic System

Chapter Twelve: Genetic Information Reproduction Systems

Chapter Thirteen: The Cell as a System

Chapter Fourteen: Multi-cellular Organismic Population  Systems

Chapter Fifteen: Community Ecology Systems

Chapter Sixteen: Evolutionary Taxon Systems

Chapter Seventeen: Biospheric Systems and Metasystems

Chapter Eighteen: Extraterrestrial Biotic Systems

Part IV: Anthropological Systems Theory

Chapter Nineteen: Systems of Human Evolution

Chapter Twenty: Cultural Systems of Human Ecology

Chapter Twenty-One: Cultural Systems

Chapter Twenty-Two: Human Social Systems

Chapter Twenty-Three: Human Language Systems

Chapter Twenty-Four: Human Symbolic Systems

Chapter Twenty-Five: Human Knowledge Systems

Chapter Twenty-Six: Alternative Metacultural Systems

Part V. Alternative Systems Theory

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Automata and Artificial Intelligence Systems

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Systems of Non-Human Intelligence

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Alternative MetaSystems

Conclusions: Toward a General Science of Systems