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Digging the Past: Table of Contents



Part I Windows Upon the History of Archaeology 

I The Geist of Vere Gordon Childe 

II The Culture History of Americanist Archaeology

III Anthropology as Archaeology

Part II: Conceptual Models in Archaeological Systems Theory 

IV Central Archaeological Concepts

V The Eco-Cultural Model as a Basic Archaeological System 

VI Eco-cultural Evolution & Dynamic Succession

VII Proto-Cultural Systems & Human Evolutionary Ecology

VIII Synthetic Archaeological Models of Cultural Systems

Part III: Miscellaneous Essays Upon Archaeologia 

IX An Archaeology of Archaeology

X Archaeology's Black Swan 

XI Materialism, Functionalism and Ecologism

XII Archaeological Fallacies

XIII Maritime Archaeology of the Aleutian Peoples

XIV Formal Designs and Functional 'Devices'

XV Human Ecology in Native Alaska

XVI The Concept of Ethnoculture

XVII ".Theory and Praxis of Anthropological Hetero-/Orthodoxies"

Conclusions: "Of Cannibalism and Protein-Calorie Malnutrition"