A Thousand Ghosts

Wounded Spirit

Age Dawns Upon Me

An Awaking Sense of Mortality

Basic Beauty

Endings & Beginnings

Cat in the Cupboard

Jet Black Cat

Cat Company

Cat Cool

Cat Fellows

Cat Flop

Cat People

Cat Spirits


Cat House


Cats Know Only Now

Cats Live in a Land


Creature Comfort

Cat Counterfactuals

Cat Creature Lounge

Day By Day

Day After Day

Days Traipse By

Death By Daily Doses

Enemies and Enigmas

Eternal Cat

Everyday Cat

Failure & Success


I Beckon

I Know Not

I Lay Patiently

I Seek Pleasure

My Constant Company

I Wait for a Day

I Wait Perennially

I Wake Everyday


In Limbo

Off Track

Little Cat People

Little Cat Souls

Me, Myself and I


Mid-Noon Heat

Mindless Madness

Morning Peace

My Cat Alien

My Cat Keeps Me Company

My Cat Waits

My Cat

My Cat's Eyes

My Cats Live an Endless Day

My Cats Love Without Asking Why

My Cats Teach Me Every Day

My Cat's World Is Made of Silence

My Cats

My Constant Companion

My Graceful Friends

My Long Legged Friend

My Mogie

My Relativistic Cat

My Right Hand Cat

My Small Lone Cat

My Strange Little Cat

My Verse

Nature's Way

Nightly Tormented

Once Again


Patiently I Wait

Prejudice Does Not Know Itself

Quasar, Quasar

Rambunctious Fellow


Small Secretive Sentinels

Storms are the Sadness of Heaven

Storm Spirits

Swimming in the Business of the Day


The Dark Invisible Monster

The Desert Wind Blows

The Mantle of the Land

The Tide Comes In

The Way of the Cat

The World Slips Slowly into Chaos

The World Whirls Around the Universe

The Years Have Taken their Toll

This Timeless Cat

This House in Darkness Dwells

Timeless We Exist

Times of Joy and Sadness

Verse Depths


The Waves Pound Eternally

We Escape

We Grow Inexorably

Weeds Grow in My Garden

What is in a Lifetime?