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Anthropologos Contents

Introduction: The Dialectics of the Anthropology of Anthropology

Part I: The Anthropology of Science

Chapter 1: The Scientific Cornerstones of Anthropology

Chapter 2: Science and Human Reality

Chapter 3: Science and Sense

Chapter 4: Anthropological Scientificity and Scientism

Chapter 5: Anthropological Fallacy, Formal, Informal and Unusual

Chapter 6: Anthropologos, Science or Humanity?

Chapter 7: The "Post..." Syndrome: Above and Beyond Anti-Anthropology

Part II: The Anthropology of Knowledge

Chapter 8: The Art of Anthropology

Chapter 9: The Anthropological Construction of Reality

Chapter 10: Anthropogenesis, the Origins of Humankind

Chapter 11: Redefining Anthropological Process

Chapter 12: Ethnoculture, Emerging Anthropological Categories

Chapter 13: Relativity, Relativism, Worldview, Mind, Brain & Culture: The Structure of Complexity 

Chapter 14: Culture & Character

Chapter 15: The Other in Us

Part III: The Anthropology of Humanity

Chapter 16: Human Being and Becoming

Chapter 17: Trans-culturation

Chapter 18: Earthboundness and Anthropocentrism

Chapter 19: World Capitalism, Cultural Economies and the Anthropology of Economics

Chapter 20: Human Rights & Responsibilities; The Development of Human Resources

Chapter 21: Misanthropy and the Anthropology of Evil:

Chapter 22: Peace and Power