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Global MetaSystems    Lewis Micropublishing

General Systemological Approaches to Future Human Systems Development

Global Meta-systems is an Internet based framework dedicated to accomplishing positive change in the world in the promotion of alternative development for the benefit of all humankind and nature.

Global Meta-systems is dedicated to achieving constructive changes in the world that promote non-violence, health and a sense of well-being among all communities and individuals and between people and the natural environment.

We may refer to the contemporary world as constituting a single global meta-system, of which we are all inexorably and "earthbound" part and of which there are many different facets and problems that are associated and articulated at different levels. A meta-systems framework cross-cuts and incorporates many different levels and areas of stratification of pattern and encompasses the full range of systems and subsystems that occur in the world. The conception of a single global meta-system refashions the challenges before us as a single large problem set, of which there are many parts--the solution to such a problem set also becomes seen in a singular, comprehensive manner, rather than as a plurality of alternative and often competing points of view.

Global Meta-systems is the primary backend development system of the Lewis Micropublishing framework. It is based upon meta-systems research and alternative systems design and applied alternative systems design development. Global Meta-systems seeks the empowerment of individual people in the world by means of a larger sense of identity and community on a global level, and by providing a means of looking beyond ethnocentric and ideological blinders. Our Global Meta-systems frameworks are designed to empower people to allow them opportunities and resources to achieve their potential, when this potential is otherwise not allowed by the structural and social constraints and sanctions of the predominant systems that they live within.

Global Meta-Systems holds the following points:

1. Constructive change in the world is possible in spite of structural and social resistance to such change.

2. The future development of the Internet offers the sufficient communications infrastructural platform for building a web-based global community of people who know and have no geographic, ethnocultural, ideological, religious or political boundaries.

3. People can learn new ways of intelligently sharing and trading their resources within open market forums in a manner that will be beneficial for all parties who participate, without undue exploitation of human labor or human behavior.

4. People are ultimately in control of their own fate and destiny in the world enough at least to influence the outcomes of their actions, to accept responsibility for their own behavior, and to exercise the freedoms and rights that are inherent to their condition as human beings.

5. Alternative development offers unbounded frameworks of potential opportunity and profitability for those who are willing and capable of exploring and constructing these frameworks in an open and legitimate manner.

It can be stated unequivocally that programs and projects that are initiated under the Global Meta-Systems framework are oriented towards passive/active social and structural innovation and enlightened reform that will bring about constructive and non-violent development in the larger human community.

Global Meta-systems is an alternative developmental framework. It tends to be a-political in scope and function, without religious preferences, agendas, or biases. Its central aim is to target and overcome through alternative development social and structural asymmetries and inequalities of the current world system, and to circumvent those systematic obstacles, the corruption and misrepresentation of realities.

Global Meta-Systems is business-based, and combines profit and non-profit strategies for the implementation of effective programs and projects that will result in real changes in the world in a constructive (i.e., non-destructive) direction and philanthropic manner. The intended outcomes are the development of a system that is based upon and leads to alternative human development.

The game of living and dying is being played with increasing earnestness and frequency by an increasing number of people in the world. The final round of the end game will not be based upon the advantage of a few at the expense and disadvantage of many. It will be a scenario where everybody is either a winner or everybody loses.

Through the implementation of frameworks like Global Meta-systems, all people will gain an added advantage in the world.

Alternative Development Meta-systems:

Global Meta-systems is a central division of the Lewis Micropublishing framework that is dedicated to the design-development of applied working systems of all kinds within a paradigm of alternative development. Global Meta-Systems represents the comprehensive extension of the entire Lewis Micropublishing framework as the result of the teleological application and progressive growth and elaboration of this framework. Global Meta-systems therefore represents that successful achievement on the ground of real applied working meta-systems that are a function of the Lewis Works framework, and the distributed integration of these systems on a comprehensive scale of management and mobilization of resources.

Development is about positive, constructive forms of change within a general meta-systems framework. It is about the achievement of progress by human civilization, defined universally within a global context. True development benefits all people, and in the best of possible worlds, hurts no one. Change is inevitable. Conservative interests who resist change, even positive changes and even at almost any cost, still cannot prevent change from occurring, but they can interfere considerably in the net outcomes of such change in the world, often leading to much unnecessary destruction and suffering on the part of helpless people. This same paradigm that applies in a common sense way to humanity, applies equally and in the same way to the rest of life on earth--promotion of forms of change that are obviously, systematically destructive of the earth's natural environments and of the ecosystemic equilibrium established in those environments, results in the long run in needless loss of our shared natural resource base, often permanently and irretrievably.

Global Meta-Systems is part of the Lewis Micropublishing/Global Meta-systems Framework dedicated to alternative design development of new working machine and production systems in the world, including human based social and organizational systems of various forms and functions.

Global Meta-Systems consists of a planned set of coordinated projects and programs designed to promote systems of alternative development within domestic, local community, regional, interregional and global contexts. It is designed as a coherent, applied meta-system that operates in a coordinated fashion at multiple levels of integration and comprehensively in as broad a number of different contexts as is manageable.

We seek to extend our involvement in alternative development frameworks through Global Meta-Systems, and it is our expectations that this division of Lewis-Works will grow and expand considerably in time.

General Meta-systems:

A "meta-system" is both a system of systems, and a system of thinking about systems. In an applied sense it is also a framework for the development of adaptive human systems. It is the wider inter-systems context in which different kinds of systems co-occur, and it is the general frame of reference by which to frame our understanding of such contexts and their systems. "Meta-system" may therefore mean several things at once.

A meta-system is a concept derived from general systems theory which states that all things in reality are organized in the manner of systems, and all systems are interrelated to one another, however indirectly. No system occurs in total separation or complete isolation from all other systems, and each meta-systemic context is connected indirectly to all other meta-systemic contexts. To conceive or develop a system in an isolated manner is to decontextualize the system from its natural meta-systemic framework of articulation. Science normally and often treats systems in such an isolated manner, and many of the controls developed in scientific experimentation are intended as means for the manipulation and restriction of context.

The problem of context opens a can of worms that normal scientific inquiry often does not, nor cannot, deal with and remain the kind of directed and restricted inquiry it has been. Context invites open-ended questions of relativity and the problem of sufficiently delimiting context (the decontextualization of context) in order to deal with in a manageable manner the complexities that arise from the consideration of context.

The entire Meta-system framework upon which Global meta-systems has been founded is really the elaboration of a central idea that is considered to be fundamental and important to the organization of reality, and, especially, by extension to the organization of human reality. Therefore, such a framework, if sufficiently developed, should serve as a font of new ideas and new directions in discovery and problem solving, especially when dealing with complex and otherwise intractable issues relating to human development.

The concept of the meta-system is an idea whose time has come--the purpose of this framework has been to best articulate and express this idea in as functional and formal a way as possible.

The idea of the meta-system that serves as a basis for the organization and functional articulation of the Global Meta-systems framework is considered to be one that is of central importance in scientific thinking and theory, and of special and increasing significance in contemporary global contexts. Its efficacious and realistic development offers the prospect of a central solution set being defined for many of the core problem areas affecting our world today. With its realization comes the increasing recognition that new possibilities have been emergent with the digital information revolution, with Satellite communication systems, with the Web, that entail an entirely new way of organizing human reality, sans the contradictions or the violence that is the inevitable consequence of these contradictions. Many ways of thinking and acting that are tied to a pre-digital past have essentially become obsolete anachronisms, carries over from a by-gone period, and it is largely our own sense of ethnocentric and ego-centric attachment to old forms that stands in the way of the realization of these new possibilities.

The manner chosen for articulation of this idea-based framework has been primarily via the web, as a multi-site web-system, as this seemed the most direct and available means for doing so short of the actual implementation of extended development frameworks.

Global Meta-systems is dedicated to the experimental design development and application of integrated, heterogeneous systems based upon natural and general systems theory and meta-scientific methodologies.  Meta-systems are defined in many ways, depending on the framework in which we are referring to things in the world.  Succinctly, we may say the the following about Meta-systems in general:

1. A meta-system is a general system of all kinds of systems.

2. A meta-system is an operational scientific methodology for studying & applying models of systems.

3. Meta-systems implies a systems based philosophy of science as well as an alternative scientific methodology.

Global Meta-systems provides the experimental platform for the research design development of new systems and related technologies and the exploration of natural systems within a systems-based perspective.

Human Systems face the equi-finality of meta-systemic integration and the achievement thereby of long-term adaptive global equilibrium, or else these systems shall fail in the long run to achieve the stability required for survival. This meta-systemic equi-finality determines for the near future certain finite plans and courses of action that can be undertaken immediately to accomplish our long term goals of global survival. All other structural considerations become subordinate to these central issues. Fortunately, systems-based science, conceived from a comprehensive framework, provides for us adaptive solutions to our most general and complicated problems.

We operate in terms of applied, especially automated, knowledge based developmental systems at three levels of natural systems stratification: 1. applied physical systems in terms of machines and complex working systems; 2. applied meta-biotic systems in terms of human mediation and control systems for natural environmental and bio-ecological contexts; 3. applied human systems that function on symbolic, psychological and social levels of articulation. The strategic interest in Global Meta-systems is the development of heterogeneous, holistically integrated frameworks that functionally combine systems at all three levels. Global Meta-systems can be considered a comprehensive strategy in its approach and constitutes operationally the design development context for new applied systems within the Lewis Micropublishing framework.

We welcome your input and involvement.