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Cultural Construction
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Cultural Construction refers generally to the theory of the anthropological construction of human reality. This theory has several forms and we can refer to the symbolic construction of human reality, the linguistic construction of human reality, the cultural construction, social and psychological construction of human reality as alternate forms that this theory may take. If we speak for instance of the cultural construction of reality we refer generally to the forms and influences of human patterning takes that are the consequence of inter-subjective sharing and exchange of cultural artifacts and information associated with such artifacts, including of course symbolisms. The Greek pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and the religious beliefs and customs associated with this form of  pantheism was carried during the Hellenic and Hellenistic age throughout the Mediterranean and into Persia, and had a dramatic impact upon the religious ideas and customs of many different peoples. If we read Greek literature we find evidence of the exchange and inter-influence of religious ideas between Greece, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Egypt and North Africa.

As a central theory the notion of the cultural construction of human reality is a systems based form of functionalism. All  people carry culture of one form or another, and culture generally serves the purposes of social adaptation and the mediation of change in the environment. Culture is transmitted between people and the principal mechanism of transmission is reciprocity, exchange and sharing.